Aberdeen Home Builders Care Day ProjectAHBA Care Day

A big part of the Aberdeen Home Builders Association mission is about serving the customers of their members in the communities they serve by giving back through their annual Care Day.  The term Care Day is somewhat of a misnomer since many projects take more than a day, but it’s an opportunity for Home Builders members to give back.

Nominations are accespted for home projects that need to be done for a family or individual, that has stumbled on hard times.   Competitors in the different industries of home building come together and work as one to get projects done and it’s quite a gift for not only the home owners, but also the Home Builders Associaion members.  It’s an opportunity to put differences and competition aside for a common good.

If you or someone you know is in need of help, fill out the Care Day Application and send it in.  Applications are accespted  throughout the year and projects will be reviewed and accepted throughout the year.


In addition to the Care Day, the Aberdeen Home Builders Associaiton (ABHA), also offers an annual scholarship.  Click here  more information on the AHBA scholarship.